If you want people to buy your products, it is a great idea to include podcasts in your game plan.

They are a great way to draw in paying customers.

Here are five reasons why business owners have podcasts in their marketing mix.

 External Podcasts

One way that business owners use podcasts is to enlist help from a podcaster who is already well known. It is about collaborating with a podcaster who will advertise your product on their podcast. Consider it like a product placement advertisement. If you can get a renowned podcaster to review or even just use your product on their podcast, you will do well. It is also about matching their target audience to yours.

If it is a mutually beneficial relationship, then that is even better. This means that your audiences basically swap over and, in theory, you could double the number of people you have in a day.  Consider them as an influencer of sorts on the other hand. Maybe they have a very specific niche, and your business doesn’t fit it.

Well, maybe this is your chance. Some business owners team up with podcasters that are outside of their general target audience mix to try and boost their numbers. It may be that the podcaster promotes your product so well that their audience love it and it makes sales for you.


The more you can get customers to actually see your brand, the better. Podcasts are an excellent way to do this because they often allow for an emblem on the screen, or an emblem on the thumbnail – aka your logo. Consider your customers are engaged and listening intently to a great podcast for thirty minutes, and for that entire time they are staring at your logo; surely this is an excellent way to drum up a lot of brand followers and probably sales.

The Times

Get with the times and just start a podcast. It is the modern-day radio with a new trendy name. If you want to be a true entrepreneur, then you should have a podcast. It might take up a lot of your time to start one, so hire someone to do it for you who is adept at doing it. This is a great chance to connect with your audience and offer them something.


You can advertise your own products on your podcast. You can indirectly or directly mention them and get your listeners interested in it before they even realize you sell it. Perhaps you have podcast followers that done even realise you sell things. That is a great chance to merge the two together and bring forth a new demographic for your business.

Podcast Crew

Once you are part of the podcast movement, you will meet people and network a lot online. It makes you like a family or a crew. The more you get involved the more you will get out of it. Think of podcasters and people who listen to them as a whole new audience for you to market towards.

It is a great way to put yourself out there as a business and as an entrepreneur and see what you can do with the scope of the movement, you might be surprised by how far it can take you. Adding podcasts to your marketing mix is a great way for a business, a company, or a single entrepreneur to start doing well.

It brings something extra to the company and is a great way to network too. It is also the perfect place to really tell people about who you are, your ethos, and what your company can offer them in a fun informal way.

This is a guest article written by Francisco Colon If you find this content useful, please share it with others. For questions and any other help, drop your comments below.