How your customers decide who to buy from.

How did you decide who to buy from when you made your last purchase?

You know that one of the questions we always ask is, who do I buy from?

The reason why we ask this question is that we don’t want to be scammed or cheated and we don’t want to make mistakes.

Whether it’s a product or service, we do the same thing.

We want to make a good or informed buying decision.

Do you know your prospective buyers think the same way when considering buying what you are offering?


There are 3 actions they will take before they will decide to buy either from you or from your competitors.

Today I want to share with you those 3 actions.

1. They will ask their friends

Our friends won’t tell us lies or deceive us. So we believe that whoever they recommend to us is both good and trustworthy. We all do it and your customers to be will do it.

They will ask their friends if they know someone that does this or sells that.

Even Facebook has something called Recommendations, where your Facebook friends can recommend who they know. The question is, will you be the person they will recommend?

I will show you how to be that person.

2. They will ask their networks.

You see, every one of us belong to a group or network, It can be a WhatsApp group, Telegram group, a Facebook group, etc.

If you are someone that offers great value in that group you belong to, whenever a member is looking for a reliable or trusted person to do business with, those in that network you belong to will definitely recommend you because they may have received value based on the content or the things that you have shared in that group. That’s why you need to become valuable in any group that you belong to.

 3. They will search the web

If they didn’t use any of the two options above, the next option is to go online to search for who to buy from.

Will, you be found online? If you are found, are you positioned to be the one they will buy from?

When they find you, the first factor they will consider is what others have said about you.

That is why social proofs or testimonials are a must-have if you have a presence online. You will not be there to convince them, what others said doing business with you will inform their buying decision.

Did you see how all these ties together?

How will you position yourself to be the one they will decide to buy from?

There is something you must do.

In my next post, I will show you how to do that. Watch out for it.