This is a question most startups or business owners are faced with.

Let me tell you a story to answer that question.

Years back, a friend wanted to launch a web platform and reached out to a developer to build the platform.

After paying for the project, six months of waiting, nothing came out of it.

As the WordPress king that we are, she reached out and told us about it.

I told her we can achieve everything she is looking for with WordPress.

Yes, just say your idea, and we will WordPress it

She agreed, and we mapped out the strategies and got to work, less than a month, the platform was ready, she used the same platform to apply for a grant competition, and she came out No.1 and won the top prize.

There is no glory in spending so much in the name of building a tech platform from scratch.

Use available tools and solutions and start growing your business till you get to a point where you necessarily need that custom-built platform.

Waiting to build your platform from scratch will cost you the money you should use to grow the business and waste your time when you can use WordPress and a combination of some plugins to achieve your goals at a lesser cost and shorter time.

Do you have an idea for lunch or looking for a professional to build a result-oriented website solution?

Contact us now.

You need to start and stop waiting.