Why a Business Email Address is Good for your Business and How to Get One


If you are a business owner and you normally send emails to prospects, customers, etc. It is good for you to use a business email instead of a personal email.

There are many reasons for that and we will look at them while answering the following questions.
What’s the difference between a business email address and a personal one?
Why should I have a business email address?
How do I get a business email address?

1. What’s the difference between a business email address and a personal one?

Imagine you are looking for someone to do a service for you say, an accounting service.
You posted a request on your favorite social media platform or a newspaper looking for someone, and days after, you checked your email, and you got two responses.
The first thing you notice is the applicants’ email addresses. One seems way more trustworthy than the other, so you only reply to that address. But which one was it?
Let’s find out.
Which email seems more trustworthy and personal?
Emma’s email address seems like it’s coming from a real business.
John’s address, meanwhile, seems like it’s for his personal email, which could raise doubts about his professionalism.
So a  business email address is one that’s solely dedicated to business communication and ends in a company’s domain name (@accountingservices.com).

2. Why should I have a business email address?

Having a business email address may seem like it doesn’t really matter, but it can have a huge effect on your business because some other business owners will not feel comfortable doing business with you using your personal email address.
For example, it helps boost your company’s credibility by making your email communications look professional and legitimate.
A business email address also makes your company’s emails more consistent.
Also, if you have a team and every single one of your team uses the same business domain in their email addresses, it’s clear that you’re all on the same, unified team.
The connection between your business email address and your website domain can raise brand awareness, too.
Every time you and your team members email someone, your address will remind them of the company you represent.

3. How do I get a business email address?

I know you may be thinking, I am not a big company, so I cannot get a business email address.
You don’t need to be a big company with multiple employees or teams to get a business email address.
It’s easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes.
Even if you are the only employee of your business, you can create multiple email addresses that will handle different business communications:
  info@accountingservices.com, sales@accountingservices.com, book@accountingservices.com.
With this, when you send an email using any of these emails, you will appear professional in the eyes of your target audience.
As your company grows, you can easily add email addresses for new employees. Or, if an employee leaves, you can still receive messages sent to their business email address.
You may be asking now.
What if you’ve been using a personal email address and it’s well known to your customers? It’s still a good idea to switch to a business address.
You can automatically forward messages to your new business address.
So how do you get started?
First, you need to purchase a domain name, i.e the address of your website if you don’t have any yet.
Even if you are not ready to build a website yet, you can still be using the business email attached to your domain.
You can get a domain from Namecheap, or Upperlink, or WHogohost.
In most cases, you may need also to purchase a hosting space to have an email account created for your domain.
If you have a domain already and want to know how to create an email from your Cpanel, you can watch this video where I showed a step by step guide on how to do it.
It will walk you through on how to create your email address, access it, customize it, and even redirect your personal email to the business owner.
If you need professional help as well, feel free to reach out to me.
So, go ahead, get a professional email address for your business, and start operating professionally.
To your success.